City Government

Blooming Grove operates under a General Law, Type A, form of city government. It seats six elected officials on the City Council with two-year rotating terms.

The City's operation and maintenance is funded by two separate accounts - the General Fund and the Revenue Fund. Income for its General Fund comes from property tax, sales tax, franchise tax, and fines. Revenue Fund income is from fees for water, sewer, sanitation and other utility-related fees. The fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th. Public hearings on the budget and property tax rate are usually held in late August or early September.

Meeting Information

Agendas and other important public notices pertaining to Blooming Grove City government are listed on the Blooming Grove Calender on the left side of the page or on the Public Notice page. If you believe there is a posting error, or you have a question pertaining to information on this page, please contact City Hall.